February 5, 2015

Translation Services at Competitive Rates


Marcos Business Services offers several services for your many business and translation needs!

We offer the following services at competitive rates/fees:


We provide in person Arabic to English and English to Arabic interpretation services at your location, whether you’re at a business office, a doctor’s office, in a court or in your own home within the Wichita area. Read on for more information about our translation services.


Translating documents form Arabic to English or English to Arabic is a translation service we offer. Whether you need a will, a birth certificate, or a simple business correspondence translated, Marcos Business Services can take care of your document translation needs.


Arabization of manufacturers’ technical literature is one of the many translation services Marcos Business Services provides. We employ engineers who specialize in the technical translation of literature and maintain an outstanding impressive record of translation accuracy. If you are a manufacturer, this is the only way for your products to have a significant market share in the Middle East’s booming market.


We provide legal translation services for Arabic to English and English to Arabic. We are able to appear in court and provide translation services for legal hearings and legal counsel sessions. Whether someone is testifying or needs the court room happenings translated, we can accommodate these situations. Marcos Business Services can also translate legal documents as needed for court cases, will & testaments, trusts, and more.


We provide translation services for both doctors and patients. If you are a medical professional needing to communicate with a patient, we can assist you. Or if you are a patient seeking medical aid, we can ensure that medical professionals clearly understand your medical issues. Regardless of your need for a medical translator, we can assist all parties involved and help ensure that proper medical care is effectively communicated.


We provide immigration translation services for all parties involved in immigration processes. We are able to travel as needed within the Wichita area to assist in immigration-related translation for both English to Arabic and Arabic to English.


We can provide the bilingual English to Arabic formatting and translation for outgoing letters to local authorities in Dubai or anywhere in the Middle East. We can also translate Arabic documents to English as needed, to ensure smooth business communications.


One of our services is to provide professional, sound business advice on how to start a company in the United Arab Emirates where business is booming. Dubai is gaining a reputation worldwide for being the business center of the Middle East. Read on about how we can help you start your business in the United Arab Emirates.


We offer services to assist you in the drawing up and in the processing of documentation for setting up a limited liability company, branch office or representation office for a foreign company in Dubai. Our service includes identifying a local partner or sponsor to suit your requirements and aid in the clearing of your documents.