September 16, 2014

About Marcos Business Services

Who Marcos Business Services is and why we are the right choice for you!

  • Unbeatable rates
  • Solid references
  • Satisfied customers
  • Worldwide resources
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We at Marcos Business Services are committed to customer satisfaction. For that reason, we provide very flexible working hours as well as the fastest turnaround time in the market.

With over 25 years of experience in translation, document preparation and other business services, we guarantee the highest level of quality, as fast as possible, and at the lowest price. Our many satisfied customers, who include some of the largest law firms in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf area as well as overseas, provide evidence that this combination is unbeatable.

Whatever business and translation services your company needs, whether it’s the translation of legally binding documents from English into Arabic, or proof reading English and Arabic legal documents, we can provide solutions that work for your business or personal needs.

Marcos Business Services has developed a formidable reputation built on its founding principles – professionalism, reliability and personal service. We handle primarily high volume translation accounts (English to Arabic and vice versa) for industry, commerce and large solicitors’ firms. This means that we can tackle practically any translation request, confident in the knowledge that our available resources will carry out a thorough and professional job.

The Theory of Translation – Is Translation a Science or an Art?

Translation is the expression in another language (or target language) of what has been expressed in an original language (referred to as the source language), all the while preserving semantic and stylistic equivalence. The aim is to reproduce as accurately as possible all grammatical and lexical features of the “source language” by finding the necessary, or as close as possible equivalents in the “target language”. At the same time all factual information contained in the original text, must be retained in the translation.

Translation is carried out with written text as well in replacing the representation of a text in one language by the representation of an equivalent text in a second language.

Rules and description of a good translation:

  • The translation should provide a complete transcript of the ideas of the original text.
  • Style and manner of writing should be of the same character as that of the original.
  • The translation should have the ease of reading and/or understanding as the original composition.

What is a Translator?

The translator is a bilingual mediating agent for monolingual communication participants in two different language communities, i.e. the translator decodes messages transmitted in one language and re-encodes them in another.

Amir Marcos
My name is Amir Marcos and I am the proprietor of Marcos Business Services along with my wonderful wife Wafeya. In 1964, I graduated from University with a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering. After that, I gained fifteen years of post-graduate experience as a specialized sub-contractor and ten years of experience in senior management positions for private companies and government entities.

The degree and post-graduate experience have given me the technical background I needed to work with texts that are technical in nature. Armed with this knowledge, I have spent the last 25 years mastering the English language as well as the Arabic language, which is known to be one of the most difficult languages to master. My life is a never-ending quest for knowledge. I practice a technique called “sharpening the saw” introduced by the renowned Management Consultant and author of many bestselling books, Stephen Covey. He says that one must continue to refine his skills as time goes on in order to always produce the best possible work. And I could not agree with him more! This technique has served me well. Since my graduation from college, I have earned a certificate in legal translation from the Institute of International Law. I have taken many courses in translation to the point where my knowledge in this field has surpassed that of the teachers. It seems not many people “sharpen the saw” on a regular basis.

Wafeya Marcos
My name is Wafeya Marcos and I am Amir’s lovely wife! Being married to a work-a-holic has motivated me to strive to be the best possible aid to our business. I graduated many years ago from University with a degree in business administration which I have used to help my husband manage the company affairs. Not only do I provide excellent customer service with a smile, but I also handle finance and administration.

Having been married for 27 years, we have developed a very good understanding of each other which allows us to work very well together. I have attended many courses in computer software packages since my graduation including courses in WordPerfect and Microsoft® Word. This has “sharpened my saw,” as my husband always says. Our teamwork and mutual understanding have proved to be an unbeatable combination! If our difference in speed, quality, reliability and price, compared to that of our competition, will not make you a regular client of ours, then our friendly service is sure to do the trick!